Welcome Back

Hi everyone!   Thank you for stopping by!  Sadly, I had to get rid of my “official” Squats & Snickerdoodles website.  Since I’ve headed back to school to get my masters degree in teaching, I’ve had to scale back on my custom orders, which means cutting back on business costs, and that included my beloved website.  Sniff. Sniff.  

I was sad to see it go because I put so much time and effort into it, but in an effort to save my sanity and money, it had to be done.  My Etsy store is up and running, but I’m not taking any custom orders as of now.  I’m thrilled that I get to share my journey of becoming a teacher and some of my favorite recipes again!  Nom nom!

A great deal has changed since I last wrote.  I decided to take the leap and head back to school to become a full-time teacher.  Through substitute teaching, I realized that teaching is my true calling and oh how I just love those little ones.  My first choice would be to teach those precious little first graders, but I’d be happy teaching any primary grade.    So, as I chip away at earning my credential and masters degree, continue to work as a substitute teacher, and remain the active and involved mama bear that I’ve always been, creating and blogging has to take the back burner.

My previous blog entries primarily consisted of fitness tips, mama bear encouragement, homemade crafts and projects, and baking.  This blog will include all of those areas with the addition of my journey into teaching.  Please be patient as I have very little time to blog, but enjoy sharing and venting as often as I can.

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