It Hits Home

Katie Bingham-Smith hits home with her recent article, To My First Child: I Can’t Do It For You.  As a mother of two boys, I’ve struggled with the reality of my children growing up and moving on.  My sister perfectly stated, “It’s exciting to watch them grow into young men and envision all that’s to come, but heart wrenching at the same time.”  Coming from a family of two boys and two girls, I’m quite aware of the different outcomes between the two genders.  The girls traditionally venture out for a bit to embrace their freedom, but usually make their way back home to marry and start a family.  I eagerly left my home to explore college life, only to return a year later to attend a local junior college.  I’ve maintained a close relationship with my mother over the years and typically speak to her multiple times a week.  Our relationship got even closer and much more intimate during the pregnancy and infancy of my two boys.

My husband on the other hand, moved away from his mother to attend college, visited for holidays and special family gatherings, but didn’t return to the area for twenty-five years! I pray that my children don’t move away for so long, but I know my responsibility is to step back and let them choose their own path for the future.

My first child will be entering junior high next year and that’s already got me in tears.  I can only imagine the difficulties that lay ahead in regards to driving, high school, parties, and college.  Mama bears, please grab a tissue and enjoy Katie’s fabulous article.

Read her article here and visit her amazing website Scary Mommy for pregnancy advice & parenting tips for imperfect parents.



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