Are Scholarships Worth the Time?

Applying for scholarships can be very time consuming, but if you need financial assistance to get you through college, it’s well worth your time.  Sponsors and organizations offer a wide variety of scholarships.  Scholarship amounts can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  If you meet the requirements, apply!

Most scholarships will state their eligibility, award amounts, provide a list of items that must be completed, and state a due date.  If you find that you are eligible for a particular scholarship, submit every item that they’ve requested, put a great deal of effort into your application and essay, and return it BEFORE the deadline!

Piggy Bank with college formula

I recently applied for a local teaching scholarship that my academic advisor had suggested.  Requesting the transcripts and carefully deciding who I’d ask to write reference letter was the easy part.   Waiting for the awards to be handed out, updating my resume, and completing my essay was probably the hardest part.

Here are a few tips that will save you time and increase your odds of success.

Apply for local scholarships

The odds of winning local scholarships are greater because they’re open to a smaller group of students.  So check with your college teachers, the local library, people who recently graduated, peers, and community portals.

Apply for scholarships with smaller awards

The scholarships that offer the big bucks are the most competitive.  Small awards can really add up to large amounts.

Get personal

The more personal your essay, the more likely your passion will show through and this will result in a better submission.

Choose a well educated person to write your letter of recommendation

If you have to submit a letter(s) of recommendation as part of the requirements, make sure you choose someone who is well educated and articulate.  What others think of you means a great deal in this area.  Make sure they represent you in a positive light and talk about about your best qualities.

Order several sets of official transcripts

Transcripts can take a long time to arrive.  So, if you plan on applying for a handful of scholarships, order order more than you need.  This was you will have them ready to mail for the next one.  Just don’t open them!!!!!

Satisfy all the requirements

Make sure you answer every question accurately and meet every requirement.  Less is not more in this situation.

Proofread  Proofread   Proofread

Make sure you proofread your essay several times and have a family or friend look it over as well.  Spelling and grammar mistakes can get you disqualified.

Good luck!!!!!


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