5 Tips to Better Sports Photos

If you’re a parent of children who participate in sports, this post is for you.  I absolutely adore taking photos of children doing what they love.  I’m not sure if it’s the joy, the focus, or the sheer innocence, but it’s my all time favorite thing to photograph.  So, here are a few tips that will help transform your photographs.

♦ Get in tight ♦

The best part of a sports photo is the expression on a child’s face.  Make sure their face in focus and you can see it!  If you have a zoom on your camera, use it.  If you are shooting with your iPhone, zoom in as far as you can, but know your image quality won’t be very good.  😦





♦ Make sure your settings are correct ♦

If you’re taking action shots, you need a high ISO (film speed) and a quick shutter speed or your subject is going to be blurry.  If you are using a digital camera and you’re not familiar with ISO and shutter speeds, set your mode to sports.  If you are using an iPhone, you’ll need a lot of light.  Both of these should help stop the action in your photos.




♦ Wait for special moments ♦

Youth sports are all about those special moments.  It’s the reason why we show up every weekend, year after year.  This is when our children build relationships, self-confidence, and learn how to work together as a team.  Make sure you capture this part too.




♦ Take a lot of pictures ♦

Sadly, there are only a few pictures that come out great.  Keep this in mind and take a ton of photos.  Review them after the game, so you don’t miss out on the next great shot.  You never know when they will appear.


♦ Get creative with filters ♦

With the popularity Instagram, photo filters are all the rage.  When you use them, make sure they enhance your photo, not take away from it.  Use them sparingly, but have fun!




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