DIY: Armoire Transformed into a Classroom Treasure- Part 1

There is nothing better than breaking up hours studying, writing papers, taking tests, and chipping away at a teaching credential, than some productive and creative play time. Since I’ll have a classroom of my own before I know it, I’ve decided to plan ahead as much as possible and save money on my classroom set-up.  So, in addition to starting to collect books for my classroom library, I’ve also started to transform free pieces of furniture into timeless treasures.

When I saw this free armoire on the curb the other morning, I knew it was perfect for my library.  There is so much truth to the saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!”  It needs a little TLC, but I cannot wait to start working on it!


The Master Plan

Part One

The first step of the project will be to remove the damaged armoire back and replace it with new board.  Dimensions have been taken and I’ll make the necessary cuts at home if needed.  Home Depot will probably be my go-to store for needed items.

I will also be replacing the hinges on the top portion of the armoire.  I don’t want the doors to be able to slide in and out.  Call me crazy, but it’s just too tempting for the little ones.   I will replace them with traditional hinges which shouldn’t be too hard.  I’ll have some holes to patch up, but I have a plan for the insides of those doors.  ♥

The last step of part one will be to add two or thee more shelves to the top part of the armoire.  I don’t want the armoire to be any heavier than it needs to be (I’m sure I’ll have to move more than once in my teaching career), so I will minimize the amount of wood used.  I plan on making them removable to help with moving, painting and reassembling.


Part Two

Once the major revisions are made to the structure of the piece, I will patch up any holes and get ready to chalk paint it!  I can hardly contain my excitement for Part 2.  I have a few Annie Sloan colors in mind, but I’ll need to get a little farther into the project before I share them.  Knowing this piece will be placed in the corner of my first-grade classroom library, do you have any paint color suggestions?

Stay tuned for the next post because I’ll be taking you through the steps mentioned above!  Please be patient as I have limited time in my schedule to fit this transformation in.  xoxo


See the final project here!

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