As I mentioned in my About Me page, I’ve recently ventured into teaching and I am beyond excited.  Terrified, but excited.  You may be asking yourself, “After twelve years of being a stay-at-home-mom, why would you decide to go back to work?”  Well, I started out as a parent helper in both of my children’s classes.  I enjoyed taking such an active role in their classrooms, that I extended my involvement and became the health and wellness advocate for their school.  I assumed the role of Wellness Chair on the PTA, revamped the Mileage Club, and become the school site organizer for the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart and our annual triathlon fundraiser.

It seemed to be a natural progression to start substitute teaching.  Both of my boys were now in school full-time and I wanted to ease back into the workforce.  So, for the past year and a half, I’ve been subbing for local elementary schools and junior highs.  It was the perfect arrangement.  My schedule was flexible and I could still drop off my kids and pick them up after school.  Many times I subbed at their school and seeing them throughout the day was a huge benefit.  The additional money was just kinds nice too.  😉  During this time, I realized that I wanted a classroom and students of my own.  I just adore being surrounded by littles who want nothing more to learn and please.  As a mother who is unwilling to let go of her evenings, weekends and summers with her family, teaching is the perfect profession for me.  If you are considering being a substitute teacher and/or a full-time teacher, I would love to take you through my journey in hopes of inspiring you to pursue your passion.

To make things easier, I’ve divided this section into three main parts: The Substitute, The College Student, and The New Teacher.  As I’m currently a substitute teacher and mother of two, working my way through college to obtain my teaching credential and masters degree, I’ll be accumulating a vast amount of knowledge and educational resources.  I plan to use this blog to share useful  information with you.  Use the corresponding sections to help you navigate through the process.

The Substitute

The College Student

 The New Teacher

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