The New Teacher

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

The Planning Stage

Regardless of being overwhelmed with presentations, papers, reading, and substitute teaching, I’ve already begun using Pinterest to get ideas for classroom organization, library classification, and money saving tips.  So far, I’ve start accumulating books for my classroom library and snagged some free furniture that I will be repurposing.  I cannot wait until I have time to work on them and share the process!  If you want to take a peak at some of my classroom boards on Pinterest, click here.

Oh, I almost forgot!  I just found an amazing deal on these three-tier supply carts from Michael’s.  They are generally $59.99 each, but I scored three of them for $23.99 each with a promotion, coupons, and free shipping.  I will gladly store these over the next year and a half to save that kind of money!  My suggestion to you, start planning your classroom set-up now!!!


Your Classroom Library

In speaking with other teachers, I’ve learned that a lot of money goes into setting up your classroom that first year and much of that is spent on books for the classroom library.  If you plan on having a wide variety of books that cover several genres and reading levels, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.  Some generous and amazing teachers leave their books behind when they retire, but I wouldn’t count on that happening.  To break up the sting, I’ll be looking for great sales on books, freebies, and hand-me-downs over the next two years.  If you didn’t know, Scholastic has a $1 book sale every February!  Save up for it!

Your Classroom Management Plan

During my first class at Brandman University, we had to complete a Classroom Management Plan.   I put my heart and soul into the assignment and truly thought about the rules, procedures, and initial plans for my classroom.  I used the knowledge that I gained in my Intro to Teaching course, my experience as a substitute teacher, my experience as a mother, and my personal preferences to complete the assignment.  I know I’ll modify parts of the plan over time, but I truly feel that I have a good foundation with the management plan that I turned in.  What items belong in a Classroom Management Plan?  Here is a list of criteria:

  1. Room Environment: this includes two bulletin boards and a classroom blueprint.
  2. Behavioral Expectations: state behavioral guidelines, tiered consequences, and reward systems.
  3. Classroom Procedures: This includes all procedures for the entire day.  Starting with lining up in the morning all the way to packing up at the end of the day.  Students must know how to successfully get through the day.
  4. Daily Schedule: This is a weeks worth of lessons and timing.
  5. Group Building Activities:  This section contained ten group building activities that would be used over the first month of school.  Activities were detailed and sources were given.
  6. Communication with Parents:  Ideally, this is the first letter that will be sent home to your student’s parents.  It’s critical that you use this letter to set the tone of the year, put your students’ parents fears at ease and introduce yourself.

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